Follow the International Space Station and their crew on a loop around planet earth. All showcased modules are inspired by the originals and based on their 2015 versions. This piece was shown in the 2015 exhibition „spektakel digital“ in „Volkspark“ Halle(Saale) on a 50“ 4K-Screen.

To be able to show processes of different duration, the animation reacted to the visitors distance from the screen. When physically moving towards the poster, the action slowed down, and the viewer could focus on single elements to observe detailed processes. Moving away, sped up the video to showcase things like earth-rotation and solar panel adjustments. This interaction was controlled through an ultrasonic sensor.

Bachelor Thesis
Multimedia| VR-Design
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
Earth textures from NASA

Space station detail

Space station detail similar to Sojus