For the interim exhibition of the Mansfeld Mining Railway, I created a large interactive exhibit. This exhibit allows visitors to explore the development of the railway network as well as the evolution of smelters and shafts in the Mansfeld region. Users control the exploration through a rotary knob and buttons from a custom control panel. The centerpiece is a 240 cm diameter disc, milled into a landscape relief, onto which an application is projected from above, created using Unreal Engine. To enhance the depth and realism of the historical experience, I also modeled 12 highly detailed 3D models of the region's most significant smelters and shafts. An audio guide provides information about each object through headphones.

client:   Mansfelder Bergwerksbahn
tasks:   -programming

producer:   Axel Göhre
Speaker:   Andreas Fuhnert
landscape milling:   pluslab
console construction:   Martin Hensel
                             carpentry and airbrush:   Tobias Kier
year:   2024